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YYC Softball Little League

"The kids game is NOT supposed to look like the adult version"


Simple, to get and keep more girls playing softball!!!

Traditional Softball works for some....but not all. Too many girls leave the sport way too young. There are many factors involved, too competitive, too boring, limited opportunities, or too high of expectations.

Softball is unique as it is a team sport that is highly based on individual performance. This makes it very easy for players to feel more valued or less valued on a team, especially at a young age. As players mature, they understand their role on the team. And the value of every player becomes understood. Softball is a late specialization sport that involves a lot of thinking and game strategy. It can truly take a lifetime to develop an appreciation for the game. Getting kids to stick around long enough to appreciate the game is the challenge.

Our program will focus on skill development by implementing modified season structure and game play rules that will improve the pace of the game, increase ball touches, improve player engagement, and provide a fun and social environment. All players will be provided opportunities to develop skills in all areas of softball in a unique way using a combination of volunteer coaches and weekly instruction with paid instructors. Check out our 3P Philosophy!!

Quotes we love!

"It all starts with the instructors and the coaches creating a great environment.”

Canada Sport for Life: Quality Sport

"It’s time for the adult agenda to take a back seat to the needs of the kids"

Changing the Game Project

"Focus on early engagement, not specialization: Help your kids fall in love with their chosen sport/sports, and let them own the experience."

Changing the Game Project

"They knew that there was no need for a 12 and Under national champion to be crowned"

Changing the Game Project