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YYC Softball Little League

"The kids game is NOT supposed to look like the adult version"

2019 Season

Our first season was a huge success. We had 55 girls registered, most of them have never played softball before and likely would never have tried it without this progam, incuding 11 girls that made up our Sr. Team (age 14-16). Even our experienced players had fun and developed new skills. Many were never given opportunities to pitch or catch or play first base prior to joining our program. We focus on developing ALL players and providing opportunities for those players to demonstrate their skills in a game.

There is a huge desire to grow this program for next year, to provide more opportunities for our players. Read on to see the plan for next season!

2020 Season Plan

  • We are looking at hosting some fall and winter camps
  • We are looking at offering a Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday option
  • We are looking at expanding to another location 
  • We will be offering a Summer All Star program for players looking to play throughout July with opportunities to play in Regional Championships and World Series
  • We are also looking at strategies to provide more traditional game opportunities for more experienced players

Stay tuned for more information

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